Norwich unveils new scheme for people with dementia

Norwich unveils new scheme for people with dementia

A £450,000 community scheme has been launched in Norfolk to improve services for dementia patients, which is designed to help them to leave hospitals more quickly.

The scheme will see two Norwich hospitals benefit from a specialist team of dementia experts, while a further 13 primary care dementia workers will be recruited across the county.

Willie Cruickshank of the Norfolk and Suffolk Dementia Alliance said the only way to deliver care for these patients is to take a cooperative approach.

"People who are in hospital with dementia have a 44 per cent longer stay in hospital, because once the acute illness has been dealt with then it takes a while to get that person back home," he said.

Meanwhile, the Droitwich Spa Advertiser reports that a new strategy to help people living with dementia has been launched, which aims to raise awareness of the condition and the work that families and carers do.

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