Nick Thorpe aims to get to no 52 for Alzheimer's

Nick Thorpe aims to get to no 52 for Alzheimer's

A charity fundraiser has set himself an unusual target for his work for the Alzheimer's Society - aiming to reach number 52 in the Christmas singles charts.

Nick Thorpe, who has strived to do 52 unique things for the society this year, is hoping the single and video for his Christmas Day TV song raises cash this festive season.

The song is about his memories of Christmas as a child in the 1980s and features contributions from his followers on social media sites such as Twitter.

"We're not out to take on the might of the reality TV shows and resurgent hits from the past, in fact I'd be devastated if we hit the Top Ten," he commented.

"Number 52 is in keeping with the theme of the project and pretty achievable, providing this doesn't go viral of course."

Donations can be made to the cause on Nick Thorpe's website,

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