NHS spending on hospital food up

NHS spending on hospital food up

The release of new data has shown more money is being spent on hospital food by the NHS, although regional variations still exist.

It was revealed by the Department of Health that the average amount spent per patient per day has gone up by almost ten per cent over the last two years and it now stands at £8.77.

But it was also noted by the government that the biggest spending hospital is using £15.65 per patient on food, which is twice as much as the lowest figure.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt stated high quality, nutritious food is a crucial part of hospital care, especially for older adults.

"The figures published today show while the NHS is spending more on food as a whole, costs vary wildly across the country," he said.

Mr Hunt became the new health secretary - replacing previous incumbent Andrew Lansley - in a reshuffle of the cabinet as parliament returned for the autumn sitting.

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