NHS Scotland 'halved premature stroke deaths'

NHS Scotland 'halved premature stroke deaths'

NHS Scotland has achieved its aim to cut premature stroke deaths in half, reports say.

Between 1995 and 2010, the health service aimed to reduce deaths from stroke by 50 per cent and fatal heart attacks by 60 per cent.

Figures show that NHS Scotland achieved this stroke target a year ahead of schedule in 2009, when the heart disease target was only 0.4 percent off the target.

According to the Press Association, public health minister Shona Robison said: "Future improvements will largely depend on people's lifestyles - eating better, being more active, stopping smoking and drinking sensibly. We are taking firm action in all these areas to support people to live healthier lives."

This follows research published in journal Annals of Neurology which discovered that high levels of non-fasting triglycerides have been linked to an increased risk of ischemic stroke. Additionally, higher cholesterol levels were linked with an increased risk of stroke in men although increasing triglycerides have been associated with a greater stroke risk in both men and women.

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