New treatment for elderly leg ulcers

Relief may be at hand for the hundreds of elderly patients suffering from leg ulcers, thanks to a new medical device receiving the European CE mark.

The new therapy Xelmaa, contains a protein called amelogenin, which provides structures for cell adhesion and helps the wound to heal rapidly.

Xelmaa developed by Molnlycke Health Care, has received the European CE mark for a novel class III medical device and will be an alternative to gold standard treatment for leg ulcers, which currently requires limb compression bandages and moist wound healing.

Old methods often require bandages to be changed weekly for up to 24 weeks and can have a negative effect on the patients quality of life and increased costs for the healthcare provider.

Xelmaa on the other hand is applied on a weekly basis by means of a pre-filled syringe, providing more comfort for the patient.

Elisabet Lundqvist, Research and Development manager at Mölnlycke Health Care said, "The development of Xelmaä is an exciting and unique technical advancement for hard-to-heal wounds. We believe that many patients currently suffering from these types of ulcers will receive significant benefit, both in terms of wound healing and improved quality of life."

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