New test could improve lung cancer survival

New test could improve lung cancer survival

A new test could improve survival rates for patients with advanced lung cancer, according to research.

A study at the University of Colorado Cancer Centre has uncovered a test that identifies biomarkers in lung cancer and could improve chances of survival by 36 per cent over a 30-month period in advanced lung cancer patients.

Professor Fred R. Hirsch, who co-developed the test, stated: "With this personalised medicine we can identify subgroups of patients that can get better effects from certain drugs.

"In some cases there is a potential for a cure."

Lung cancer is one of the most common and deadly types of cancer in the UK.

Earlier this month, new research made advancements in the monitoring of tumour progression and blood-based early detection.

Researchers identified protein signatures in mouse blood samples that reflected lung cancer biology in humans, providing new insight into cancer development.

It is hoped that these new discoveries will greatly improve lung cancer survival rates in the future.

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