New strategy for dementia research unveiled

New strategy for dementia research unveiled

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has praised Alzheimer's Research UK after it published its blueprint to help discover new ways to identify and treat dementia.

The strategy will see the research-funding charity move away from a "reactionary" model to one that increases support for new drug treatments and processes to help identify and diagnose the condition as early as possible.

Mr Hunt described the plans as "an important step" as the UK looks to become a world leader for dementia research.

Dr Eric Karran, director of research at Alzheimer's Research UK, said: "No other condition strikes such fear and poses such a great threat to national health as dementia."

As a result, the organisation intends to utilise one quarter of its funding on improving diagnostic techniques. It will specifically investigate the two proteins believed to be key in the development of Alzheimer's - amyloid and tau.

Significant financial support will also be provided for projects looking into the discovery of new drugs to treat the disease.

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