New software 'improves memory in dementia patients'

New software 'improves memory in dementia patients'

New software designed to improve recollection and conversation in people with dementia has been released by Digital Reminiscence Therapy Solutions (DRTS).

Martin Valentine, director of Dementia Life, said that new advances in technology and research are vastly improving the quality of care for those with the condition in ways that are beneficial to both patient and carer.

"Morale amongst carers is frequently an issue, with the difficulty involved in effectively communicating with residents who have dementia and similar cognitive disorders," he explained.

The software has already been adopted by care homes in Liverpool and London as well as NHS Fife and The Jersey Memory Clinic.

In other news, the Alzheimer's Society has said that dementia patients must not be overlooked by the government's new mental health strategy.

It added that the government's £400 million cash injection into the reformation of the mental health system must aid people with all mental health conditions, including dementia.

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