New sheet 'improves quality of life for bedridden'

New sheet 'improves quality of life for bedridden'

Older adults who are bedridden may see their quality of life improve as a result of the development of a special new sheet.

The Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Schoeller Medical and the Swiss Paraplegic Centre collaborated on the sheet, which is gentle on the skin and helps to make patients more comfortable.

It was noted there is up to 50 per cent higher risk of bedridden individuals developing bedsores during a hospital stay.

Siegfried Derler, who works at the Department of Protection and Physiology at Empa, worked on the study and explained marketable synthetic fibres were researched.

"We have shown that our method of bedsore prevention using textiles is effective," said Hans-Jurgen Hubner, chief executive officer of Schoeller Medical.

According to the NHS, pressure ulcers can range in severity - from patches of discoloured skin to open wounds that can expose the underlying bone or muscle.

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