New 'more effective' antibiotic reactive arthritis treatment developed

New 'more effective' antibiotic reactive arthritis treatment developed

A new combination of antibiotics has been found to be particularly effective for the treatment of reactive arthritis.

Findings indicate that there is the possibility of persistent infections associated with the condition, which is also known as Reiter's syndrome, being eradicated entirely, according to researchers from the South Florida College of Medicine.

Lead author J D Carter said: "A recent pilot study conducted by our group suggested that prolonged treatment with a combination of doxycycline and rifampin significantly improves symptoms of chronic undifferentiated spondylarthritis compared with doxycycline alone."

Long-term use of antibiotics to treat the condition is controversial, with several studies suggesting that prolonged antimicrobial monotherapy is not efficacious.

Meanwhile, research conducted at the American College of Radiology published in February suggests that magnetic resonance imaging could play a key role in differentiating between common types of arthritis.

The American Journal of Roentgenology study indicated that MRI scans improve the visibility of bodily structures

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