New government strategy to tackle obesity

New government strategy to tackle obesity

The government has announced new plans to tackle obesity today.

Health secretary Andrew Lansley urged business to play a greater role in supporting healthy food and exercise choices, in conjunction with the government and NGOs, to slash five billion calories off the nation.

"We have to halt and then reverse the ride of obesity in this country," stated Mr Lansley. "Government has a role to play but it is clear that we cannot do this alone."

It is hoped that collaboration among local authorities, businesses, charities, and healthcare professionals will result in an "environment that helps people make informed, balanced choices".

Obesity is one of largest causes of disease and illness in the UK.

Research has shown that the higher a person's degree of obesity, the higher their risk to life-threatening conditions, including strokes.

Individuals with the highest category of BMI are 1.43 to 2.12 times more at risk of stroke than those in the lowest BMI category.

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