New gene therapy for heart failure 'very promising'

New gene therapy for heart failure 'very promising'

Researchers have developed a new gene therapy for heart failure which could help those using home care or assisted living.

The Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that a high dose of a therapy named SERCA2a experienced improved outcome and significantly reduced hospitalisation for cardiovascular issues.

After one year, patients had exhibited improvement or stabilisation, and the therapy was found to be safe.

Roger J Hajjar, of the centre, said that few treatments had shown "such improved clinical outcomes" in the last decade.

"Even though heart failure mortality has decreased over the last decade with the help of standard pharmacological and device therapies, patients with advanced heart failure continue to die at high rates," he commented.

This comes after research published in journal Breast Cancer Research discovered that due to advancements in treatment of breast cancer, two-thirds of women died of other causes - with heart disease being a leading cause of death.

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