New drug 'could combat autistic traits'

New drug 'could combat autistic traits'

People using assisted living due to autism could be treated with a new drug to improve their language and social function, a study has shown.

Research from the University of Missouri looked at the use of propranolol, which is usually used to treat high blood pressure, anxiety and heart rate, to combat two of the three main features of autism.

Scientists believe that use of the drug could improve difficulty with normal social skills, language and repetitive behaviours.

Associate professor David Beversdorf said: "We can clearly say that propranolol has the potential to benefit language and may help people with autism function appropriately in social situations, including making eye contact with others."

Meanwhile, research published in journal Biological Psychiatry found that brain anatomy could identify people with autism.

It was found that the grey matter in brain regions dealing with affection, social communication and self-related thoughts has an easily-identifiable organisation in individuals with the condition.

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