New dementia care package published for NHS nurses

New dementia care package published for NHS nurses

The Alzheimer's Society Guidance has been published, with the aim to help NHS nurses better evaluate the psychological needs of people suffering from dementia.

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to analyse the needs of someone when they are in the later stages of dementia, especially if a nurse has not known the person for a lengthy period of time. Patients have not been able to give a full account of their needs, nor have they been able to communicate verbally.

It is hoped that this document, written by researchers from the University of Worcester, will help to determine if a patient is experiencing depression, anxiety or seeing hallucinations. Furthermore, it places an emphasis on non-verbal communication, such body language and facial expressions.

Dawne Garrett, lead for dementia care at the Royal College of Nursing, added: “This is a really useful publication which brings to the fore the essential and complex nature of assessing the inner needs of people living with dementia.”

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