New children's book helps kids understand dementia

New children's book helps kids understand dementia

A new children's book hopes to help kids better understand dementia.

'Lovely Old Lion', written by Julia Jarman, tells the tale of a young lion who has to deal with the fact that his grandpa King Lion is becoming increasingly forgetful. King Lion starts forgetting rules to games and names, and no longer wants to play.

Ms Jarman has revealed that inspiration came from working with schools and a librarian from Stockton who was responsible for books on health and well-being. According to Care Home, she said: “It is an issue close to my heart, children with problems. I feel children are burdened with problems these days.I wanted to write a story empowering children. They can do something. They want to do something. They can’t cure dementia but they can help.”

The author is also planning to publish 'Fussy Freda' next year, a story on healthy eating.

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