New bedside furniture could reduce infection

New bedside furniture could reduce infection

New bedside furniture designs to reduce healthcare associated infections have been made available to the NHS.

Following positive staff and patient feedback, four new designs for a patients chair, bedside cabinet, over-bed table and commode have been released to the NHS.

The ergonomically sound, robust, and sustainable designs are the first to be tested for cleanability by an independent laboratory.

Health minister Simon Burns stated: "These four innovative and user-friendly furniture designs ... provide additional ways to help to reduce ... infections.

"They will make it easier for staff to keep wards cleaner and help combat the spread of infections." In 2008 a £4.2 million consortium was launched to tackle healthcare associated infections, such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

Researchers at Imperial College London were charged to look at infections from a variety of angles, including exploring the molecular makeup of bacteria to how best to bring about changes across healthcare in the UK.

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