New anti-clotting drug 'reduces stroke risk'

New anti-clotting drug 'reduces stroke risk'

A new anti-clotting drug is superior to aspirin when it comes to reducing the risk of a stroke, research has shown.

Blood-thinning agent apixaban has been seen to reduce stroke in those who have atrial fibrillation (AF).

The condition is known to cause a fluttering heartbeat and blood clots, which raises the risk of stroke.

In addition, many individuals with AF are unable to have stronger drugs due to the need to protect their heart.

Apixaban was shown to reduce risk of stroke by 3.6 per cent a year in comparison to aspirin, which is known to reduce the chance of experiencing the cardiovascular event by 1.6 per cent.

Hans-Christoph Diener, of the University Hospital Essen, said: "We had not anticipated that apixaban would show such a big difference compared with aspirin while showing no significant increase in major bleeds."

This comes after a molecule derived from curry spice turmeric was found to help people recover after experiencing a stroke.

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