New Alzheimer's centre launches in Jersey

New Alzheimer's centre launches in Jersey

The Jersey Alzheimer's Association has launched a new centre on Hilgrove Street in Jersey.

Hoping to give support and advice to sufferers, carers, and friends and family, the base will be open from 10am to 1pm on Mondays to Thursdays. Beyond the support, there will also be counselling, Saturday day care, music therapy and a carers' Friendship Group.

Association chairman Jim Hollywood said in a statement: "With more people living for longer with a combination of complex conditions, the services we provide will have an ever-increasing importance."

Mr Hollywood added that having a base in the centre of St Helier will hopefully encourage more local people to come forward and seek help, especially with the region suffering from a low level of general knowledge about the condition.

For more information about the centre, check out the association's official website.

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