National Cataracts Awareness Week

National Cataracts Awareness Week

Older individuals must get regular eye tests to check for cataracts, one expert has said as part of National Cataracts Awareness Week.

The optical condition, which affects many using home care, occurs when the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded, leading to impaired vision.

Although it cannot be prevented, people with cataracts can regain their sight through surgery.

Graham Cox, professional services manager for Ultralase, said: "Cataracts are the main cause of impaired vision in the world and, if left long enough, they can cause a person's sight to deteriorate to the point of blindness."

This follows research from the organisation which said that a fifth of doctor's practises are changing the criteria they use when referring cataracts patients of NHS treatment.

This is despite the fact that 85 per cent of GPs surveyed admitted that postponing this treatment reduces quality of life in patients.

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