NAO criticises government over National Dementia Strategy

NAO criticises government over National Dementia Strategy

Dementia services in England are not being prioritised as they should have been under promises from the government, according to the National Audit Office (NAO) today (Thursday 14th).

The NAO has urged the Department of Health to step up to the plate and show how its landmark National Dementia Strategy, published last year, is not just paperwork, but focused on training and understanding of the condition.

Plans put forward by the government included action to improve early diagnosis as well as providing patients and their carers with enhanced support, which the NAO has praised in principle.

Andrew Ketteringham, the director of external affairs of the Alzheimer's Society, said that the influential report from the NAO shows just how big the crisis of dementia is and that change "can't come soon enough" for millions of families battling the devastating condition on a daily basis.

He continued: "The strategy will transform lives but only if local health authorities are compelled to give dementia the priority it deserves. Millions depend on the strategy succeeding. It's a race against time."

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