Music therapy 'can improve movement after a stroke'

Music therapy 'can improve movement after a stroke'

Music therapy may help to improve movement among those who have experienced a stroke, according to a new scientific study.

The latest Cochrane Systemic Review looked at seven small studies involving 184 people who were recovering from a stroke, many of whom had suffered brain injuries which affect movement or speech.

It was found that trained music therapists can stimulate brain functions which improve outcomes for patients.

Rhythmic auditory stimulation has led to patients taking longer steps and improving movement in their arms.

Lead researcher Joke Bradt of the Arts and Quality of Life Research Center at Temple University in Philadelphia said: "This review shows encouraging results for the effects of music therapy in stroke patients.

"As most of the studies we looked at used rhythm-based methods, we suggest that rhythm may be a primary factor in music therapy approaches to treating stroke."

The Stroke Association estimates that 150,000 UK citizens experience a stroke each year.

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