Music recognition game launched to tackle Alzheimer's

Music recognition game launched to tackle Alzheimer's

An online music recognition game has been launched in Manchester in a bid to help to treat Alzheimer's disease.

The Manchester Evening News reports the Museum of Science and Industry has unveiled 'Hooked on Music', which contains four games - selecting the catchiest tune, muting a song, seeing whether or not you can keep in time and recognising as many songs as possible consecutively. 

It is hoped this will help to explain the science behind what constitutes a musical hook and thereby be helpful in the fight against cognitive decline.

Launched as part of Manchester Science Festival, DJ and journalist Dave Haslam, who was at the launch, told the publication that trying to discover why a tune is catchy was a really interesting idea.

He added that, if the results could "help people with serious memory loss, then that would be fantastic". 

Those at the museum are hoping many people will play the game so as much data as possible can be collated and studied. 

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