Music to aid Alzheimer's patients?

Music to aid Alzheimer's patients?

A collaboration has been launched between the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute and the MIT Media Laboratory to investigate claims that music can help those with Alzheimer's.

The research initiative is to create music composition tool for older people that prevent or reduce the progression of the Alzheimer's disease.

Dr Barry Bittman, a key member of the collaboration, said the programme "affords an unprecedented opportunity not only to improve quality of life for seniors with mild cognitive impairment, but also to enrich and nurture young people immersed in a process that promotes a needed sense of bi-directional caring and compassion."

Dr Bittman's research has shown that music technology can support valid clinical interventions for those with Alzheimer's disease.

This comes after news that the first international collaboration focusing on the genetics of Alzheimer's disease has been announced by a group of multi-national researchers from the UK, US, France and Germany.

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