MS Week hits the ground running

MS Week hits the ground running

Runners in the London Marathon raised more than £400,000 to support the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, the charity has confirmed.

More than 250 people ran on behalf of the society, 11 of whom have MS themselves, before getting together at a special post-race reception.

The event marked the start of the charity's MS Week, which aims to make MS issues a priority for the next government.

A number of celebrities have leant their support to the campaign, including hairy TV chef Dave Myers, who says the number of people who have to fight to get simple treatment for the condition is surprising.

Presenter Lorraine Kelly added: "There are many ways that people with MS could be better supported – from more help to remain in work to quick and easy access to wheelchairs and medication.

"Living with MS is tough enough without having to face inequalities and a lack of specialist support."

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