MS symptoms 'are more prevalent during summer'

MS symptoms 'are more prevalent during summer'

New research has shown that people with multiple sclerosis may experience more problems with their symptoms during the summer months.

According to an article in the journal of the American Academy of Neurology, the months between March and August see an increase in brain lesions among people with multiple sclerosis.

Two to three times more lesions were found in brain scans during the summer season, due to warmer temperatures and an increase in solar radiation.

Study lead author Dr Dominik Meier said this research is important as it analyses data from the early 1990s - before the release of medications which could cloud the results.

"Future studies should further explore how and why environmental factors play a role in multiple sclerosis," he added.

Recent research from Oxford University has added further weight to the theory that vitamin D deficiency could play a major part in the development of the condition.

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