MS Society uncovers care lottery

MS Society uncovers care lottery

There is a major disparity in levels of care for patients with multiple sclerosis in the UK, research from the MS Society has found.

The charity's 'a lottery of treatment and care: MS services across the UK' report uncovers alarming differences in standards across the country.

These include access to treatments, support from social care workers and help from health professionals.

It found that 60 per cent of people with MS are not being give modifying drugs for their condition and just two in every 100 patients use one of the two licenses symptom management treatments.

Those who are finding things tough financially are often unable to access social care support.

Nick Rijke, director for policy and research at the MS Society, said: "Our survey findings worryingly suggest that the likelihood of someone receiving a life changing treatment or service is often based on luck – like where they live or how helpful their healthcare professional is – rather than their genuine clinical need."

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