MS Society announces new funding projects

MS Society announces new funding projects

A leading charity has announced that £1.6 million has been set aside for funding new research into treatments for multiple sclerosis.

The MS Society experienced a record-breaking year for funding in 2010, with the charity receiving 75 different applications for research funding - more than ever before.

A detailed review was conducted by the charity's board, along with leading multiple sclerosis researchers and people affected by the condition.

The 12 most viable projects have now been selected, and it is hoped that they will provide new insight and possible treatments or cures for this debilitating neurological condition.

Projects include the development of a web site which will provide "an interactive self management intervention" for women with multiple sclerosis who are contemplating pregnancy.

A recent study published in the Neurology journal suggested that mindfulness training can help people with multiple sclerosis to reduce the influence that their symptoms have on their lives.

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