MS patients given technological lifeline by developers

MS patients given technological lifeline by developers

A company in the US has developed a new piece of software which will allow people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to keep track of their medication.

Developed in conjunction with his consulting company Elite Circle Computing, David Warden, a man who was himself diagnosed with MS in 2008, created i-Inject, a program which allows people to manage details of their own healthcare plan.

It includes data to ensure the rotation of injection sites, as well as medication reminders and reports regarding the use and inventories of medication, aiding those in home care programmes.

Mr Warden said of the development: "By using your iPhone or iPod touch, you don't have to organise and carry paper journals. You can track your injections and oral meds and even email records to your doctor, all on a device you already use every day."

This month, it was discovered by a Glaswegian study that MS is much more likely to affect people who were born in April, following the biggest analysis of its kind in the country north of the border.

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