MS patient from Uttoxeter shares struggle

MS patient from Uttoxeter shares struggle

A lady from Uttoxeter has shared her experience with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Cheryl King, who is from the Staffordshire town, told a local paper of her struggle with the neurological order as part of May being MS Awareness Month.

She was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS two years ago and she can go without any symptoms for quite a while, she told the Uttoxeter Advertiser. 

"I also get dizziness and vertigo, and have to do what I call the ‘wall walk’, where I walk around holding on to walls," she said.

Furthermore, she revealed she is unable to go shopping independently and has to rely on other people to drive her around.

She holds a pilates class to help others with MS every week at a local hotel, while she's adopted a positive mindset about the whole situation, which has been of great strength to her. 

There is currently no known cure for the condition and it affects approximately 100,000 people in the UK.

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