MS man swims ten lakes in fundraising drive

MS man swims ten lakes in fundraising drive

A man living with multiple sclerosis has defied his condition to complete a gruelling charity swim.

Duncan Booth, 40, swam a total of ten miles across ten different bodies of water in the Lake District, the Carlisle News and Star reports.

The primary school teacher from Keswick braved the cold waters, rain and mist to continue his fundraising drive.

Mr Duncan is looking to raise £20,000 to help fund a cure for multiple sclerosis, and swims regularly in the lakes to help manage his condition.

"I swim in the lakes almost every day. I feel really good when I leave the water. Sometimes my legs feel as if I could break into a run although I know this would be impossible," he told the newspaper.

While Mr Duncan finds swimming helps him live with the condition, a recent University of Nottingham Study showed that the emotional support supplied by group therapy can also help people to manage multiple sclerosis.

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