More to pay for care, coalition decides

More to pay for care, coalition decides

More people are likely to pay for residential care homes with personal care in the near future, one expert has said.

The government has frozen the threshold on the amount of savings older people can have before they must pay their own fees.

Currently, anyone with savings and assets worth more than £23,250 must pay the full sum for their care until their savings are depleted below the threshold.

However, the government has now taken the decision to freeze this threshold for more than two years, disregarding the effects of inflation and increasing value of assets.

Michelle Mitchell, director of Age UK, said: "This is a measure that is once again hitting the most vulnerable and is certain to cause considerable distress."

This comes after Barchester chief executive Mike Parsons described the current NHS standard of care for older people as "shocking", saying that many are having their most basic needs ignored.

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