Moderate alcohol consumption 'protects against heart disease'

Moderate alcohol consumption 'protects against heart disease'

Moderate consumption of alcohol could protect against heart disease, according to new research, which could make individuals less likely to find a care home.

Research from the University of Calgary in Canada found that the risk of heart disease for those who never drink is between 14 and 25 per cent higher than for people who enjoy moderate alcoholic consumption.

Study leader professor William Ghali said that while rigorous research would need to be done, a strategy could be put in place.

"With respect to public health messages there may now be an impetus to better communicate to the public that alcohol, in moderation, may have overall health benefits that outweigh the risks in selected subsets of patients," he explained.

This comes after news that scientists at the University Health Network and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre successfully treated a form of congenital heart disease in mice by using their knowledge of genetic pathways related to cancer.

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