Mobile phone waves could 'protect against Alzheimer's

Mobile phone waves could 'protect against Alzheimer's

A new study from the University of South Florida suggests that long-term exposure to the mobile phones could protect against Alzheimer's disease.

Published today (January 7th) in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, the research found that mice who were given Alzheimer's disease and then exposed to electromagnetic waves generated by mobile phones helped in the removal of amyloid plaques.

Exposure to the waves stopped an amyloid build-up in younger mice.

Chief executive of the Alzheimer's Research Trust Rebecca Wood said that scientists do not know if any similar effects will be seen in human models, and as such more must be done to understand the link.

She continued: "Although the researchers hope their findings will translate to people, much more research is needed to find out if there could be any beneficial effects of long-term exposure to electromagnetism, and to guarantee its safety."

Ms Wood added that spending 24 hours a day on a mobile phone is hardly a wise thing to do in the meantime, if only due to the bills.

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