MND Association pleased with DPP assisted suicide guidelines

MND Association pleased with DPP assisted suicide guidelines

The Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association has said it is pleased with the Director of Public Prosecutions' (DPP's) new guidance on assisted suicide in England and Wales.

It explained that the guidance aims to clarify factors involved in regards to prosecution in cases of assisted suicide and the charity said that the DPP has reiterated that the list is not a check box system.

However, the MND Association asserted that the number of responses the DPP received during the consultation suggests that a wider public debate is necessary to discuss end of life decision making.

The organisation will be considering the guidance to help people with MND and carers understand what the situation is for them, adding that it exists solely to support all people living with MND, whatever their views may be.

It concluded: "It neither supports nor opposes any attempt to change the law regarding assisted suicide, however it remains determined to do all that it can to ensure everyone with MND receives the best end of life care as possible."

Common symptoms of MND include muscle cramps, spasms, stiff joints, incontinence and cognitive changes.

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