Misconceptions about mental health are still dominant

Misconceptions about mental health are still dominant

There are still widespread misconceptions about mental health in society, according to industry experts.

Carolyn Roberts, head of policy and campaigns at the Scottish Association for Mental Health, stated: "There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about mental health, there is definitely still a lot of stigma around."

An improper understanding of mental health issues is resulting in inappropriate care, according to Ms Roberts, as people do not receive the required levels of understanding from the wider community.

A lack of knowledge about mental health conditions and experiences among society often results in the alienation of patients.

The inability of individuals to engage with society can enhance mental health symptoms and lead to fatal consequences, especially when a patients exhibits depressive symptoms.

To combat the problem, community education programmes must be launched to raise awareness and cultivate methods by which to include and care for mental health patients in communities.

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