Minister for older people needed, expert says

Minister for older people needed, expert says

A minister for older people is needed to combat ageism in the UK, according to one expert, the implementation of which would benefit people looking to find a care home.

Jane Ashcroft, chief executive of Anchor, said that ageism is rife in the UK.

"We've dealt with other '-isms' but it's still quite acceptable for people to use language about older people that you wouldn't use in any other setting and to ridicule older people, and that's quite different in other societies," she explained.

A minister for older people would be an appropriate move, she explained, as there is already a minister for women and one for children.

Ms Ashcroft added that she was hopeful that the abolition of the retirement age would change attitudes towards older people in society.

This comes after research by Anchor found that 14 per cent of young Brits said that older workers should retire and make way for the young.

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