Mindfulness training 'can help with multiple sclerosis'

Mindfulness training 'can help with multiple sclerosis'

Mindfulness training can help people with multiple sclerosis to reduce the impact that their symptoms have on their daily lives.

This is according to a new scientific study, published in the Neurology journal, undertaken by researchers at the University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland.

The research observed 150 people with relapsing, remitting or secondary progressive forms of multiple sclerosis.

It was discovered that mindfulness training techniques, such as meditation and a group-based talking therapy, helped to reduce feelings of fatigue, depression and anxiety in those with multiple sclerosis.

Reacting to the news, the MS Society's research communications officer Dr Susan Kohlhaas said the study was a welcome one.

"We know that symptoms such as fatigue and depression can be very troubling for people with MS and it's great to see clinical trials looking at these often unrecognised or hidden symptoms," she said.

Around 100,000 people in the UK are living with multiple sclerosis, according to the charity's research.

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