Milk-drinking children 'reap benefits when older adults'

Milk-drinking children 'reap benefits when older adults'

New research has shown that children who drink milk can have improved physical ability and balance when they are older adults.

A new study published in Age & Aging discovered an increase of about one glass of milk a day as a child was linked to a five per cent faster walking time and 25 per cent lesser chance of poor balance in older age.

The team of British researchers used historical diet records to uncover the link between milk-drinking as children and improved health as older adults.

According to the report, older adults who took part in the study "were put through a series of activities, including walking, get-up-and-go and balance tests", which found that childhood calcium, protein and milk intake were shown to be associated with advantages in mobility later in life.

According to a recent study conducted by the Women's Royal Voluntary Service, many older adults are afraid to go outside because they are scared of being hurt in a fall.

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