Middle class pensioners being affected by council cutbacks

Middle class pensioners being affected by council cutbacks

Middle-class pensioners are being hit hard by increased care costs and restrictive services.

According to a Labour survey of local councils, the annual cost of home help to an older person has risen by £655 in the past three years.

This finding follows on from a study conducted by the charity Age UK which found that a large number of councils have restricted free services to those which are deemed to have "substantial needs".

Andy Burnham, Labour's health spokesman, said that the coalition government is cutting councils "to the bone" and enforcing "dementia taxes" on vulnerable people.

"The government says it is acting to help people with care costs. But the reality behind the spin is that, under the Tory-led  government, people’s savings are being washed away more quickly than ever before," he stated.

Michelle Mitchell, charity director general at Age UK, said that the level of care being offered to older people by councils is now "deeply worrying" and that she is concerned that a number of people will have to support themselves because they simply cannot meet raising costs.

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