Metabolic factors 'can increase risk of dying from prostate cancer'

Metabolic factors 'can increase risk of dying from prostate cancer'

New research has found that a man's risk of dying as a result of prostate cancer can be affected by a range of metabolic factors.

High blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids and body mass index are among the things to have been singled out by a new study published early online in CANCER, which is a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.

Christel Haggstrom and Tanja Stocks of the Umea University in Sweden investigated information from 289,866 men enrolled in a study called the Metabolic syndrome and Cancer project and they found men who were in the highest categories of body mass index and blood pressure had a 36 per cent and 62 per cent increased risk of dying from prostate cancer.

"These observations suggest that cardiovascular risk factors such as overweight and hypertension are involved in stimulating the progression of prostate cancer," said Dr Par Stattin.

A new study funded by the National Institute for Health Research School for Primary Care Research into cancer risks was recently launched by Paul Little, Professor of Primary Care Research at the University of Southampton.

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