Merck Serono seeks multiple sclerosis innovations

Merck Serono seeks multiple sclerosis innovations

German company Merck Serono has announced the launch of a worldwide design competition seeking new ideas for people living with multiple scleroris.

Real MS: Your Innovation aims to find innovative ideas for physical products or online applications that could help to improve the lives of people with the disease.

A winning innovation will be chosen by an international judging panel and voted for by people with multiple sclerosis.

"Since 2010, Merck Serono has made a commitment through Real MS to provide a venue for the multiple sclerosis community to share their collective achievements, ideas and vision," said Roberto Gradnik, executive vice-president for neurodegenerative diseases at Merck Serono.

In May 2010, the company launched a global scriptwriting competition designed to tell the stories of people with multiple sclerosis or those affected by the disease.

The news comes after MS Awareness Week, which runs from March 14th to the 20th, kicked off in the US.

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