Mental health 'should be a higher priority for the government'

Mental health 'should be a higher priority for the government'

A number of leading mental health organisations have joined forces to create a manifesto highlighting ways the next government can assist those living with mental health problems.

The institutions believe all political parties should make a greater effort to accommodate adults and children living with mental health problems in the UK. 

Outlining five core values, the manifesto calls for the next general election to make mental health a higher priority and commit to mental and physical health equality.

The five areas which the organisations feel need to be put into action include fair funding for mental health, giving children a good start in life, the improvement of physical health care for those living with mental health problems, work to improve the lives of those with mental health problems and allow better access to mental health services. 

A manifesto for better health, has been written jointly by five leading groups, Rethink Mental Illness, Centre for Mental Health, Mental Health Network, Mind and the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

Each of the organisations have worked together to create and produce the manifesto, entitled A Manifesto for Better Mental Health, and prepare to present this upon the appointment of the new government at the next general election. 

The social and economic costs of poor mental health are currently on the rise and costs presently stand at £105 billion annually in England. However businesses lose £26 billion due to mental ill health each year. 

The statistics for mental health patients receiving treatment are currently rather low with 25 per cent of adults with depression and anxiety receiving care. 

Mental health problems only currently receive 13 per cent of the NHS budget and funding has been cut in the past three years. Therefore the manifesto calls for the government to take action and address the funding equality to ensure spending reflects demand. 

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