Mental health patients struggle to access emergency treatment

Mental health patients struggle to access emergency treatment

Patients with mental health problems are struggling to access emergency treatment, according to a new independent inquiry.

A study by charity Mind has revealed that patients are often unable to access emergency mental health care because of staffing problems and an insufficient volume of treatment available.

Paul Farmer, chief executive of Mind, stated: "People experiencing mental health emergencies can be faced with long waits.

"The distressing and highly sensitive nature of mental health crisis means that it is even more important that people are given a seamless emergency response." In their Listening to Experience project, Mind asked patients and professional about their experiences and the effect of budget cuts on mental health care.

While mental health is a serious problem, it has yet to be treated with the same importance accorded physical ailments.

Raising awareness of mental health issues has been cited as the key to improving access to care and treatment.

However, many patients in the UK continue to receive a high standard of care, which is vital to recovery.

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