Mental and physical health 'affected by couples' conflict'

Mental and physical health 'affected by couples' conflict'

The way in which couples relate to each other can have an impact on physical and mental health, according to new research.

A study published in journal Personal Relationships discovered that after a conflict between a couple, all participants experienced sleep disruption.

Moreover, the greatest degree of sleep disruption was seen among those who were highly anxious in their relationship, while the lowest level was found in individuals who strongly avoided emotional attachment.

According to researcher Professor Angela Hicks, noted that it was already known that people in happy, stable marriages enjoy better long-term health than others.

"We can now further conclude from our current research that individuals who are in insecure relationships are more vulnerable to longer-term health risks from conflict than are others," she continued.

This follows comments by Dr Dan Robotham, research officer at the Mental Health Foundation, who said that getting a good night's sleep is important to maintain mental and physical health.

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