Mental activities 'help brains stay healthy'

Mental activities 'help brains stay healthy'

A new piece of research has shown the effect to which mental activities such as reading and writing can slow the ageing process in the brain.

The new study, presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, was carried out at Rush University Medical Center and Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.

It found mental activities such as playing games can preserve structural integrity in the brains of older adults.

Konstantinos Arfanakis stated visiting a library could be among the other mental activities to have a boost on the brain.

He said: "Several areas throughout the brain, including regions quite important to cognition, showed higher microstructural integrity with more frequent cognitive activity in late life."

Professor Clive Ballard, research director of the Alzheimer's Society, recently stated results of studies have shown physical exercise can also have positive effects on the ageing process in the brain and may even be able to slow the onset of dementia in older adults.

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