Memory 'improved through testing'

Memory 'improved through testing'

Older people using home care who feel their memory is declining could improve their recall skills through testing.

It has long been known that testing improves target memory - when one is attempting to recall one specific thing.

However, scientists at Kent State University have now found that testing also improves other types of memory.

Researcher Kalif Vaughn explained that giving the correct answer during testing makes a difference in good memory performance later on.

"We know that repeated retrieval is good for memory. Testing is a modifier of memory. But we still don't know how that works. We don't understand the mechanism," he said.

Meanwhile, one expert has stated that dementia diagnosis must be improved so that those living with the condition, who are likely to find a care home, can access the treatment they need.

Professor June Andrews, director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling, said that early testing for the condition will help medical professionals work out what type of treatment and lifestyle changes will be needed.

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