Memory fitness programme 'improved cognition of older adults'

Memory fitness programme 'improved cognition of older adults'

A memory fitness program has been seen to improve the cognition abilities of older adults, which may have implications for those with dementia.

The research, published in the American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, found that a memory fitness programme was able to improve the ability of older people to recognise and recall words.

In addition, the University of California Los Angeles run study prompted an improvement in the seniors' self-perceived memory, which authors noted was an important factor when it came to maintaining a positive outlook on life.

The 12-week programme encompassed memory-training techniques as well as education about lifestyle factors that may impact memory ability and brain health.

Stress-reduction techniques were also taught, and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet rich in antioxidant was underlined.

This follows comments by the University of Stirling's Professor June Andrews, who commented that leading a sedentary lifestyle could increase dementia risk.

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