Mediterranean diet 'won't prevent dementia'

Mediterranean diet 'won't prevent dementia'

Contrary to popular belief, a Mediterranean diet will not help ward off dementia, according to latest research.

Scientists in France have conducted a study into the benefits of a diet that includes a large amount of fruit, vegetables and oily fish - mirroring the traditionally popular foods in Spain, Greece and Italy, the Daily Mail reports.

It has long been thought these foods help to reduce instances of heart disease and cancer, but there have also been suggestions recently they may prevent cognitive decline.

However, researchers at the Paris Sorbonne University say they found no evidence of such a link.

They speculate the theory is due to the low amount of saturated fats in these foods, which prevents the blood vessels supplying the brain from becoming blocked.

More than 3,000 adults had their dietary habits studied for more than a decade as part of this research, but the team concluded a Mediterranean diet appears to have no benefit in boosting memory.

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