Measures 'must be implemented to protect stroke patients'

Measures 'must be implemented to protect stroke patients'

Prevention measures must be taken to protect stroke patients against accidents, a new study claims.

With some 60 per cent of people who have had a stroke experience a fall afterwards proactive measures to protect against series injury must be implemented, according to a new study by the Canadian Stroke Congress.

"Specialized rehabilitation can substantially improve how well a patient recovers after a stroke," explained Dr Antoine Hakim, CEO and scientific director of the Canadian Stroke Network.

"Given the potential impact that appropriate rehabilitation can have, gaps in care need to be addressed to ensure all patients have access to appropriate rehabilitation," he continued.

In the future, people who have experienced a stroke may be given a fall prediction monitoring system.

Researchers at Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia are developing a portable system to detect fall risks.

The device will be worn like a piece of jewellery and will measure small declining increments in gait, posture and patient mobility to calculate the possibility of a fall.

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