A man 'never forgets'

A man 'never forgets'

Males are more likely to never forget the details of an unpleasant experience, according to new research.

A study has revealed that a woman's memory of an emotionally provocative experience is more likely to be less accurate than that of a man.

Corresponding author Dr Marc Lavoie, of the University of Montreal, explained that thus far few studies have investigated how "valence" and "arousal" each affect memories.

"Our test relied on photos – we found firstly that highly arousing pictures blur women's capacity to determine whether they've seen it before, and secondly that women have a clearer memory of attractive experiences than men."

However, men have an enhanced capacity to remember 'arousing' and upsetting memories.

While being shown photos, participants were also connected to an EEG to measure the brain's neuronal activity, which revealed that the right side of a woman's brain is more active when processing pleasant memories.

Conversely, the left side of a male brain is primarily used when faced with happy stimuli.

The findings may be useful for researchers investigating ways to improve the memories of people with dementia.

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